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Head Lice Infestation - Guidance For Schools

Professionals working in schools should be aware that a “Severe and Persistent Infestation” of head lice or 'nits' (NICE, 2016) could be an indicator of serious welfare concerns for children and young people. This was evidenced in a past Serious Case Review in Northamptonshire.

It is very common for children and young people to get head lice and it can take time to completely treat the infestation, particularly if more than one member of the family is infested. However, a prolonged and persistent failure by the child's parents or carers to treat the infestation is likely to be distressing for the child and could also indicate other welfare issues. 

The Head Lice Infestation Guidance for Schools (PDF) has been produced by Northamptonshire NHS Trust. The pathway contained in this document provides professionals with guidance on management of head lice within schools and when to seek additional advice and support from the School Nursing Team.

Parents and carers can be directed to the NHS Choices Head Lice webpages for practical advice on the most effective methods for getting rid of head lice and nits. 

Last updated: 12 July 2023

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