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Early Help Strategy 2020-2023

The Strategy is for everyone working with Children & Young People in Northamptonshire. Early Help is never someone else's problem there is no such thing as no further action.

Northamptonshire Early Help Strategy.

The adopted approach of the Strategy is based on the principle that prevention is better than cure. Based on this consensus, Early Help Northamptonshire has a single goal.

To enable children and families to access appropriate support as early as possible, so that they can maintain their quality of life, prevent any problems getting worse, and feel stronger, happier and more confident.

The new Early Help Strategy explains that:

  • Northamptonshire has specific needs and early help is critical.
  • Every person working with or engaging with children and families has a responsibility to help deliver Early Help, regardless of their position, status or organisation.
  • Arrangements for setting aims and expectations for all partner organisations will be improved through the work of the Early Help Partnership Board. 
  • Early identification and risk profiling of children and families with the highest probability of poor outcomes will be improved, along with long-term tracking of the impact of our interventions.

The strategy sets very clear partnership outcomes for early help. All partners will be held to account for contributing to delivering those outcomes through their existing strategies, plans and programmes. This will be done by the Early Help Partnership Board. 

The strategy includes:

  • 12 partnership objectives that the Early Help Partnership Board will focus on to improve the early help system.
  • 31 measureable indicators that will show the effectiveness of early help in Northamptonshire and whether early help is having an impact.
  • A requirement for all partners involved in supporting early help to focus rigorously on the 4 early help outcomes, with associated performance indicators, ensuring all their strategies, programmes and plans make a demonstrable contribution.

Remember in Northamptonshire Early Help is never 'someone else's problem' and there is no such thing as 'no further action'.

Last updated: 13 July 2023

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