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Police issue advice to parents ahead of Christmas holidays

Police in Northamptonshire are appealing to parents to be extra vigilant this Christmas following reports of children being invited to parties, predominantly in Northampton, where drugs and alcohol are being consumed. Officers are concerned that children as young as 13 are being coerced into sexual activity.

A number of arrests have been made.

This scenario is clearly of concern to professionals who are working together to implement appropriate safeguarding measures to protect young people. As such, the following advice is being issued to parents.

Please take the time to know definitively where your child is during the forthcoming holiday period and consider the following points:

  1. If you are out yourself or due to be away at any time, is your house being used to host parties?
  2. If your child is going out do you know where they are going, who they will be with and what time they will be home?
  3. Could you make contact with them to check on their welfare if required to do so and would you be in a position to remove them if necessary?
  4. If they are staying over with friends, where do their friends live and who will be the responsible adult present?
  5. Have you checked with the respective parent that this is in fact where they will be staying?
  6. How are they getting home? Is this method safe?
  7. If you do not know where your child is, and you have concerns over their safety then please consider reporting them as Missing to the Police.

If you have any concerns regarding your child or information in respect of child sexual exploitation, including the parties described above please contact Northamptonshire Police on telephone 101 or, if calling from outside of Northamptonshire, on 03000 111222

If you wish to provide information to the police anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 1111

Last updated: 16 December 2016

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