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Prevent Myth Busters

Prevent Myth Busting videos.

Below you will find 5 Prevent Myth Busting clips. These aim to bring better understanding around prevent by clarifying what it is not.


Policing Views

In this clip we explained that #Prevent does not put labels on risk. People of all ideologies can be vulnerable. This clip stresses that we do not seek to police people’s views. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if that opinion has the potential to become harmful to others, then we need to intervene.


Terrorism is born out of fear and twisted beliefs, not any one particular religion. Whatever your beliefs, we support the peaceful practise of all faiths.


We are not secret agents who spy on people. James Bond is not a Prevent Officer. #Prevent relies on your help to identify people who may be vulnerable to radicalisation, and only intervene to enable them to go about their lives safely and lawfully.

But who might be keeping tabs on you? Social media and webcams offer a glimpse into your life at home. Control what information is available about you online, review your privacy settings and be mindful about who you or your loved ones are interacting with across cyberspace.


We want to stress that we do not seek to criminalise people. Handcuffs are not really our thing. We work to prevent people from being steered onto a path towards terrorism and safeguard against such eventualities. We aim to intervene BEFORE a person causes harm and breaks the law.

Last updated: 23 September 2020

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