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CSE - Toolkit for Health Professionals

The 'Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Toolkit' has been put together to provide advice for Health Professionals on their responsibilities in relation to identifying CSE and what action should be taken if it's identified.

Tackling CSE Toolkit - how to use it

The toolkit is divided into a series of chapters. Health Professionals should download, read and act on the information provided in chapters 1, 2 and 4 below. An online video presentation introducing the CSE toolkit can be viewed here and will help provide context for the toolkit.

Download Chapter 1 - What is CSE and What You Need To Know? (PDF 267KB)

This chapter includes:

  • Definition of Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Description of the 'Grooming Processes'
  • Behavioural and psychological signs of abuse
  • CSE and The Law
  • CSE and boys / young men
  • CSE and online grooming
  • CSE and relation to missing children, mental health and the effect on the family

Download Chapter 2 - CSE and the Local Response (PDF 273KB)


  • Local findings on children and young people's online activities
  • What to do if you suspect CSE
  • NSCB's CSE Assessment form
  • Referral route chart
  • CSE and the role of the Police and RISE team

Download Chapter 4 -  Health Services (PDF 290KB)

Children and young people who are sexually exploited can present across a range of health settings in a variety of ways. This chapter addresses the situations arising for a range of health professionals:

  • School Nurses (page 56)
  • Gynaecology (p59)
  • Midwifery (p60)
  • Health Visitors and family nurse partnerships (p62)
  • Sexual Health Service (p64)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (p67)
  • Accident & Emergency (p70)
  • Paramedics (p73)
  • Pharmacies (p74)
  • General Practice doctors and staff (p75)

Additional Chapters you may find helpful:

Chapter 8 - CSE Information for Parents and Carers (PDF 943KB)

Chapter 9 - CSE Information for Children and Young People (PDF 171KB)

Full 'Tackling CSE Toolkit' document

The entire document containing all chapters (including those aimed at education, health and social care professionals, district councils, the hospitality industry and more) can be downloaded below: 

Last updated: 19 June 2015

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