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CSE - Toolkit launch videos & presentations

Northamptonshire's 'Tackling CSE Toolkit' was launched in May 2015 at a filmed event attended by 600 local professionals and practitioners.

1. Northamptonshire's 'Tackling CSE Toolkit' (18 minutes)

Speakers: Julie Quincey (Named Nurse) and Cath Kitchen (Head Teacher Hospital & Outreach Education)

2. Identifying and Responding to CSE (30 minutes)

Speaker: Julie Dugdale (Head of Business, Barnardo's Training and Consultancy)

3. Emma's story - surviving CSE (29 minutes, audio file only)

Speaker: Emma Jackson, CSE survivor and author of a book about her experiences


4. RISE - the role of the RISE team (34 minutes)

Speakers: DI Richard Tompkins (RISE Team Manager), Ali Mills (CAN YP Team), Joanna Bradley (Interim Team Manager, Initial Response Team and RISE)

5. NWG - talking about CSE (24 minutes)

Speaker: Sheila Taylor (Chief Executive of NWG)

6.   Introduction from the Chair of Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board (6 minutes)

Speaker: Keith Makin (Chair of Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board)


Accessing these videos

If the IT system used by your organisation is blocking access to these videos, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. Please provide the name of your organisation and your email address. Access to these videos is a training requirement for many practitioners, we can work with your IT department to enable access. 


Changing YouTube's safety mode settings

Please note that because of the topic being discussed in the videos, YouTube will not let you view them with YouTube's 'safety mode' switched on.

To turn YouTube's 'safety mode' off:

  1. Click one of the links above to open the page containing the video
  2. Scroll down the page below the video until you see a box containing the word 'safety', then click on it
  3. Below that, click the option for 'safety mode off', then click 'save'. You will then be able to play the video.

The slides used by the speakers can be downloaded below:

Last updated: 06 March 2019

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