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Care Leavers Conference - Presentations and Videos

Held on the 6th of December 2016 at St Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton, this conference explored the specific vulnerabilities of young people leaving care, and how to build their resilience.

1. The National Picture (33 minutes)

Speaker: Sean Duggan, Chief Executive, Mental Health Network

2. The Local Picture & Emotional Wellbeing Issues (22 minutes)

Speaker: Richard Lindsley, Named Nurse for Looked After Children

3. Working with Young Drug and Alcohol Users (22 minutes)

Speaker: Ali Mills, Drug and Alcohol Worker, Aquarius

4. Child Sexual Exploitation and Young People’s Mental Health (25 minutes)

Speaker: Paula Swain, RISE Team

5. Quiz (28 minutes)

Speaker: John-Paul Russell, Leaving Care Team Manager

6. Vulnerability and Assessing Capacity (11 minutes)

Speaker: Gemma Bellwood, Principal Social Worker for Adult Social Care

7. Building Resilience in Young People (42 minutes)

Speaker: Anwen Goodwin, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Looked After and Adopted Children’s Mental Health Team

Finding of Building Resilience Exercise (doc 40kb)

8. Questions & Answers Session (12 minutes)

Conference Presentations

PowerPoint Presentation Part 1 (ppt 8MB)

PowerPoint Presentation Part 2 (ppt 7MB

PowerPoint Presentation Part 3 (ppt 17MB)

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