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CSE Impact of Learning Summary – CSE Conference and Thematic Workshop

The attached report providers an analysis of responses by practitioners who attended the CSE Conference on 22nd May 2015 to launch the revised toolkit and assessment tool or who attended the Action Learning Sets delivered by Barnardo’s in March 2015 – three months after they had attend the conference.

The full report can be found below that the CSE Conference and Action Learning Sets have had a positive impact on practitioners working in Northamptonshire in raising awareness of CSE and ensuring that practitioners are aware of the toolkit and assessment tool.

The responses shows that the training has changed the practice of people working in Northamptonshire and has increased the skills and knowledge of practitioners working on the ground as well as giving them confidence in understanding the national picture, and being able to identify the risk factors for young people vulnerable to CSE.

Responses show that 50 (32%) respondents have used the toolkit or assessment tool and 92 (60%) have made themselves familiar with the documents, even if they have not actively used them in day to day practice.

88 (57%) practitioners feel they are now more effective as a result of the conference / action learning set, this added to the detail that only 1 practitioner disagreed with the statement and shows that the practitioners that responded are now more effective in dealing with and identifying potential cases of CSE; helping to ensure that children and young people in Northamptonshire are kept safe.

This evaluation has shown us overwhelmingly the most successful and memorable part of the conference was the moving and touching speech by Emma Jackson (CSE survivor) who gave a real life view of the effects CSE and how it affected her. 96 (62%) respondents stated this as the most memorable part of the conference and that they still remember it 3 months on from the event.

Last updated: 30 November 2015

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