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NSPCC Report: How safe are our children? 2015

This report was published by the NSPCC on 17 June 2015. The report provides an overview of the child protection landscape across the UK, with up-to-date child protection data across 20 indicators.

The report's key messages:

  1. More support is needed for the victims of abuse: We’ve seen a rise in the number of people coming forward about their experiences of abuse. The support must match this increased willingness to speak out. Victims of child abuse need more therapeutic support, and age-appropriate support at every stage of the criminal justice process.

  2. We must not lose sight of neglect: While child sexual exploitation is dominating the media, it’s important to remember that neglect remains the most common form of child abuse across the UK. We need to continue to gather evidence into what works in tackling neglect.

  3. Early intervention is key: We need to intervene early to address problems before they become more serious and entrenched. By intervening early we can protect children more effectively and save money.

The reports's key findings:

  • All four countries in the UK have seen the number of recorded sexual offences against children increase over the last year.
  • There’s been an increase in contacts to the NSPCC helpline and ChildLine about sexual abuse.
  • Neglect remains the most common form of child abuse in the UK.
  • The number of children dying as a result of homicide or assault remains in long term decline.

Click here to download the full report (PDF 5.4MB).

Last updated: 30 June 2015

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