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Playground game 'Sleeper' could be fatal warn Police

A new playground game called 'Sleeper' that involves one child suffocating another until he/she becomes unconscious has resulted in an 8 year-old child going to hospital.

North Manchester Police have recently raised concerns and are alerting parents, carers and school staff about the dangers of this new game. 

The game involves one child covering the nose and mouth of another child until that child loses consciousness due to lack of oxygen. This could result in concussion or could be fatal. 

Parents, carers and school staff are urged to warn children that:

  • making another child unconscious is extremely dangerous
  • they should not take part in any such 'games' and
  • they should tell an adult immediately if they're aware that other children are involved in playing 'Sleeper' or similar games.

Last updated: 21 April 2015

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